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  1. Welcome to Academic Boot Camp!

    October 1, 2013 by ABC

    Special thanks to KEZI News for covering our programs. What an honor it was to be featured on their evening news. Here’s the story. We’re awaiting the video to post soon. 


    Welcome to Academic Boot Camp!!!


     “If you would have told me that our son could improve multiple grade levels in comprehension in just a few months, I would not have believed you. But that was before we started the Academic Boot Camp programs. Coupled with the customization the staff gave him, he’s never been more excited and eager to read…and he understands it now!” –Laura S. (mom)

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    Thank you for visiting Academic Boot Camp.

    Here, we inspire students to Think, Imagine and Understand!

    We individualize instruction to meet your student’s needs in every element of the reading, writing and math process. Each of our programs is based on research driven methods for improving a student’s ability and independence in learning.

    Please feel free to browse each of our pages and download our forms for more information.